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Kim Scott

If there's anybody out there with a sense of flare, style, & charisma, it would be Kim Scott. It seems whatever she produces turns to gold. Kim Scott's debut CD entitled ,Crossing Over & sophomore CD entitled ,Right of Passage are stellar to say the least,and just when you think there will be a let down from the success of those two CDs, her current a CD entitled ,Southern Heat is even better.The CD title alone fits the description perfectly and it's masterfully done. It's a blend of smooth soulful grooves ,uptempo funk & even has classic covers of Michael Jackson & Lakeside that makes this CD a great one. Standout tracks from Southern Heat are Billie Jean, Fantastic Voyage, Sizzle, It's Your Time, Glorious,& What You Stank About This. In addition to her skills as a flutist,Kim is an outstanding vocalist as well,which gives the CD tremendous versatility that appeals to all listeners.Kim Scott is a prime example of a person who always looks to get better at what she does.This is a great quality to have and usually leads to greatness. You will definitely stay warm with Southern Heat which is now available in all digital retail outlets.

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