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Irene Renee

There are many times we find artist that's incredibly talent. We introduce to you Ms. Irene Renee. Ms. Irene is from Detroit originally & now resides in New York. She's a very talented vocalist whom many have not heard as of yet. If you have the chance to hear her music, you will discover the her music has a lyrically conscientious vibe that promotes reflection,inspiration & movement. Furthermore, Ms.Irene strives to use her music as a source for social change. We hear the profound messages in her on songs in her debut album released in 2013, entitled, Serendipitous Experience. Serendipitous Experience in 2013 which rose to the Top 10 of the U.K. Soul Charts, won Connecticut's Best New Neo-Soul Artist Awards in 2015 & 2016. We now fast forward to 2017, and she returns with her sophomore album entitled, Ubiquitous Soul. Ubiquitous Soul really displays her dynamic combination of soulful ,lyrically conscience, melodic grooves which makes this CD incredibly appealing to the listener. The songs that really stand out on are Court of Love, Unpredictable, I Forgive U, I'd Rather ,Smile, & the powerful N.J.N.P (No Justice, No Peace). In conclusion, if there's anything you take from Ubiquitous Soul it would be that challenges the listener to not only reflect on things in this society, but also encourages action for positive change in our communities. Ubiquitous Soul in ow available on all digital retail outlets.

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