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Jazz Of Jarez

There are few people we can actually put in the category of a phenom in today's music scene. We would like to introduce to you Jarez. Jarez is one today's top saxophonist in the genre of Smooth Jazz. He brings a fresh sound that so unique that it reaches multiple audiences from all ages. Jarez was originally trained as a Jazz artist, began to use Hip-hop interpretations as a formula to captivate a younger audience & boost his career. In addition, Jarez has a business & musical Partnership with hip-hop great Coolio, which also became instrumental in his success. What's more impressive, Jarez is the spokesperson for Environmental Justice and Climate Change’s (EJCC) campaign, which facilitates Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) in educational initiatives regarding global warming. He used this platform to help build his fan base. In 2013, Jarez released his first CD entitled, “On Top of the World” with radio charting success, which led to the album rated as #16 on the 2014 year-end top 100 albums chart on Additionally, the “Make it Better” and “Can’t Let Go” singles would be in the top 100 songs chart for 2014 on The “Hold on Tight” single featuring Vandell Andrew from Jarez’s “Sexy Saxy” Vol. 1 EP would make the World Jazz top 20 singles chart. Releasing seven singles in two years, Jarez also made it to the most added and most increased spins list on Billboard’s smooth jazz chart. In his latest CD, entitled Blow Your Mind. Jarez continue to showcase his sonic mastery as he fuses contemporary jazz and adventurous electronica textures. This may be his best CD up to date. Stand out songs are All Of Me, You Said featuring Selina Albright, Blow Your Mind, Slow Motion & It's Over. It's definitely a great buy for your musical collection & it's available in all digital retail outlets. The future of Jazz is very bright considering the outstanding talent Jarez will be around for many years to come.

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