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Style By Trish

If you were looking for an artist that has the complete package you might want to consider Trish Standley. What makes Trish so great is her versatility. She's fundamentally sound in all aspects of her music ranging from her vocal delivery, to the overall production & great songwriting to her music. Those are the reasons why she won the Rhythm of Gospel Urban Contemporary Female Artist of the Year award while“Redemption” won the CD of the Year award in 2013. Trish won The Atlanta Gospel Choice Awards and nominated as 2016 Female Artist of the Year by The Steeple Awards and The Blue Mic Awards.

Furthermore, Trish is also dedicated to be a pioneer & voice of inspiration to those who are going through life's hardships. It is through her musical platform that she ministers & displays the compassion to bring positive change in all of our global communities. In her current CD entitled, No One Else, released in 2016, Trish reaffirms her message regarding the Love for The Lord as well as our fellow man in all of her songs. The favorites on No One Else are Go, Hang On, No One Else, I'll Make It Alright, Nobody But Me, & I Give Thanks. This is an outstanding CD & it's a great buy for your musical collection. Trish is a accomplished artist to say the least, appearing or being featured on a number of magazines & television programs. Look for greater things to come from Trish as she continues to grow in territory & exposure.

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