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Soul Of The Norjahan

We want to introduce you to Nadira Norjahan. Her name is defined as a rare light of the world, has become an outstanding singer, songwriter, & poet that has captivated audiences around the Philadelphia , New York & DC areas over the past three years. What's unique about Nadira, a native of West Philadelphia is she has a own style of music ,which consist of the great art of storytelling about real life experiences. The music she displays often gives powerful messages that keeps audiences engaged. Furthermore, Nadira's versatility as an artist sets her apart from many of today's singers. She has shown the ability to sing Soul, Jazz, Blues & Spoken Word so far in her career. In 2014, She released Double A Side which includes the Jazzy tune Nobody's Woman. The very next year she released, Double A Side Pt. 2.In 2016, She released her debut album entitled Love, Pain & Redemption. The album is a love story about relationships, It's a powerful message that explains how things start out great & then challenges come along that cause pain & causes one to lose hope & later persevere to learn something from the entire experience. It's a great story & it's what everyone experiences in life. Love, Pain & Redemption was produced by Sam Archer & it's standout tracks are Comfort, Patience, Better Than You, & Letting You Go. Love Pain & Redemption is now available in all digital retail outlets. For latest updates on Nadira you can visit her website at

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