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Candace Woodson: The Heart of It All

Many in the industry have searched for quality music in the genre of Rhythm & Blues for the last few years. We introduce you Candace Woodson. She is a rising star in today's music scene. She has the charisma, the dedication, & the passion on what it takes to be a great artist in today's music scene. Originally from Paducah, Kentucky she began singing at the age of five along with her older sisters. The name of their group was called The Parks Sisters which was a Gospel Group. When she was in High school she began to discover other avenues in the music industry singing a variety of songs in genres in R&B, Jazz & Gospel. This experience proved to be pivotal in the development of her career. She became the first graduate of the music program of Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tennessee. She also studied At Southwest Christian College.

Futhermore, Candace has also overcame some setbacks in life. She had breast cancer which almost put her music career to a halt. She undergone many treatments in that period of time which allowed her overcome it. Today she is a breast cancer survivor. Afterwards, she began recording music again & released the her first single Free in 2015. Free got it's inspiration from her surviving breast cancer. Free had great success in the U.K. Soul Charts,however Candace's second release, The Answer is No gained her the acclaim that she was seeking. The Answer is No made it to #1 in the U.K. Soul Chart & spring-boarded her career to higher heights. She's also gaining traction in the U.S. Charts too. The very next single entitled My Heart really captivated her audience. The powerful love song is a classic example of what true love should be. In 2018 she has releases two more singles entitled Try Love, & Just A Dream which both rising up the charts as well.

In conclusion, we entitled this piece, "Candace Woodson : The Heart of It All", because of passion, work ethic, & perseverance. She's an example of someone who overcame an obstacle & came out successful afterward. It's an example we all can live & learn by. She's here to

inspire and encourage others to achieve a life of balance that fulfills dreams through the power of music . You can visit Candace at and you can find her music at all digital outlets.

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